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To the VitaHeals where we make Natural Health Easier for the whole family & more fun!

Our Motto is Life is better when you and your pets are healthy!


We strive, to help you find the best products to fit your healthy lifestyle.


What we have to offer, Endless product selection - Healthy Vitamins Supplements, Minerals, and Herbs for your daily needs!

Plus, WE CARE, A great deal about you and your family’s health, including your pets!!


Ask us to help, with a product question, coupon, free gift offer and we will do our very best to happily assist!


Our Mission is to empower people of all ages to be healthier, feel more confident and function at their highest level, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We believe that, given the proper tools, anyone can make healthy choices. “Health is Wealth,” means having good health is more valuable than having material wealth.

Living longer and stronger transcends race, age and beliefs. Our quest is to provide healthy alternatives that keep up with the increasing needs of our customers to live healthy lives.

We’ll provide you and your pets access to thousands of healthy products, healthy foods & health education and environmental news. 

Your Journey to Natural Health Starts Here!

Discover the most innovative health products on the market today recommended by our health practitioners.

And of course, we believe pets are the best medicine yet! You’ll be off to a running start on the road to enhanced health!

Why You Can Count on Us,

Vita Heals is committed to the astonishing benefits of fulfilling true nutritional needs, helping turn you into a healthier, more confident and happier person. 

What you can expect from us,

  • We are also reachable 24 hours per day, 6 days per week, by email!

  • High quality products

  • Safe climate-controlled storage

  • Secure online ordering

What some of our over 105,000 customers area saying about us!

“Wow never had someone go above and beyond so much! They helped me find the right product, the product worked for my health challenge, they called my post office to locate the 1-day late package and they sent me a gift for my dog!”

Incredible company and staff😊

Cindy H. NY

 “Delivered 4 days earlier than estimated! Excellent price & wonderful company. If every customers service person was as kind and considerate as Laura, the ecommerce world would be a better place. Thank you Laura and Vita Heals for your high standard of service excellence.” --Carrie, NE

 “My mother is seriously ill and our naturopathic doctor recommends products Vita Heals carries. Above and beyond service! You have a lifetime customer here for sure!! A++++++”

Adams P. CA

 “This company is on the ball! shipping was free, fast and easy. Great company! :) you guys are awesome and really quick too :)”

Rob S. MA"